May 2, 2012

Women's and Girls' Fund Grants Surpass $100,000, Foundation's Leadership Efforts Recognized Nationally

Kristen A. Beall, Ed.D.

Gloria Morales of Mercy Housing, Grant Committee member Aracely Garcia and Vision Committee Chair Laurie Bustamante

Our Women's and Girls' Fund is something to be proud of, for its local impact on the lives of women and girls and for the example it sets for community foundation leadership work nationwide.

Women's and Girls' Fund Awards $20,000 in Grants:  This year, the Women's and Girls' Fund awarded $20,000 in grants to local nonprofit organizations to improve the lives of women and girls at their 8th annual luncheon celebration. This brings total grantmaking from the Fund, which began in 2005, to more than $100,000.  My six-year-old daughter, Olivia, who joined my wife and me for the event, remarked that "this was no ordinary ladies lunch!"  She's right. These ladies (and a few brave men) have fun, but they also mean business. Since their establishment, they've grown the endowment to more than $725,000 and are on their way to $1 million. Read more about this special day in this article from the Bakersfield Californian, or better yet, join them by making a gift of your own. 

Kern Community Foundation on the National Stage:  Today I had the privilege of joining the Foundation's immediate past Chair, Judi McCarthy, and several community foundation colleagues as a presenter for Learning to Lead: The Journey to Community Leadership for Emerging Community Foundations.  This nationally-broadcast webinar hosted by the Council on Foundations is part of a series developed with knowledge gained from The James Irvine Foundation's multiyear invvestment in a group of small, growing community foundations in California.  Other resources that include videos and white papers focusing on topics related to the work of emerging community foundations can be found here.  

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