January 27, 2012

Board Update, Tech Grant, 2012 Prayer Breakfast

Kristen A. Beall, Ed.D.

John Allen, Vice President of John Allen Farms Inc.

I'm proud to announce that John Allen has joined the Foundation's Board, that the Mountain Communities Family Resource Center has been awarded a $1,000 technology grant and that philanthropy was well represented at the 2012 Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast.

John Allen Joins Foundation Board of Directors: John Allen, Vice President of John Allen Farms Inc. has joined Kern Community Foundation's Board of Directors for a three-year term. Mr. Allen was nominated by Susan Hemme, current Foundation Director and Chief Business Officer at Bakersfield Christian High School. Mr. Allen will serve on the Foundation's audit committee, which is chaired by Ms. Hemme.

Technology Grant Awarded: Mountain Communities Family Resources has been selected to receive a $1,000 technology grant by Kern Community Foundation's Board of Directors. The organization was selected at random as one of 80 local charitable organizations with a "Reviewed" profile on the Foundation's online Nonprofit Search. Learn more about the mission and programs of Mountain Communities Family Resource Center here. Congratulations!

Philanthropy Well-Represented at the 2012 Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast:  Thursday started off on the right foot with the 32nd annual Bakersfield Prayer Breakfast.  What inspired me most about the stories shared by keynote speakers Bill Pulte and Clark Durant was that their friendship grew out of a desire to do something for the good of others. Not to cut a deal, or to get ahead, but to make a difference in the world by sharing their time, talent and treasure. As I looked across the dais and around the room, it was nice to run into so many people who exemplify these characteristics from among the Foundation's growing community of donors. From Mayor Harvey Hall, who donates his entire Mayor's salary to the Mayor's Scholarship Fund at Kern Community Foundation, to Joan Dezember, a Founder of the Women's and Girls' Fund, to the anonymous donor representing the Prolific Talents Fund at Kern Community Foundation. Great way to start off the year!  

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