Our Leadership

The Women's and Girls' Fund is guided by the Vision Committee, which was first convened in September 2004 to create the Fund. Vision Committee members are Founders or Advocates who serve a three year, renewable term. The Grants Allocation Committe is a standing committee that is open to Founders and Advocates who self-submit to serve on it. Teen girls are invited by competitive process to participate on the Grants Allocation Committee as well. Other committees may be formed through the year to facilite the Women's and Girls' Fund's projects or events.

Vision Committee

  • Laura Wolfe, Chair
  • Cathy Bennett
  • Vicki Bielli
  • Irma Cervantes Lancaster
  • Nancy Chaffin
  • Agnes DeJong
  • Susan Hopkins
  • Jacqueline Jans
  • Fiona Lytle
  • Dayna Nichols
  • Kay Pitts
  • Norma Rojas-Mora
  • Kate Tandy

Grants Allocation Committee

  • Cathy Bennett, Facilitator
  • Debi Besenfelder
  • Katie Collins (Stockdale High School)
  • Agnes DeJong
  • Keri Gless
  • Kathy Harlan
  • Alesha Jex (Bakersfield Christian High School)
  • Audrey Metzger
  • Kay Pitts
  • Norma Rojas-Mora
  • Ashleen Kaur Sodhi (Ridgeview High School)
  • Kate Tandy
  • Michelle Vitale