Our Founders and Advocates

Founders and Advocates of the Women's and Girls' Fund have a special impact on the lives of women and girls in Kern County. Their gifts of cash and securities have rapidly built our endowment to provide $245,000 in grants to the community as of April 27, 2016. With the successful conclusion of the Building to a Million Campaign, our endowment has grown to support up to $50,000 in community grants each year.

Founders and Advocates are invited to assist with each year's grantmaking process. Contact us to learn more about becoming an Advocate, or to request a copy of our brochure.

The following list was updated April 15, 2016


Donors with cumulative giving of $10,000 or more.

Women's and Girls' Fund Circle

*Signifies Donors and Advocates who make additional $1,000 gifts during one year.


Founders made cumulative gifts of $1,000-$9,999 during 2005-2010.


Since 2010, Advocates are donors of $1,000 or more.

Women's and Girls' Fund Diamonds

American General Media/KGFM-FM and Rachel's Girls

The Bakersfield Californian

Simin Banister*

Louis and Sheryl Barbich Foundation*

Don and Earlene Barnes

Kristen Barnes

Laurie Bustamante, in memory of Laura Sullivan Anello*

Mary Bynum*

Jennice Boylan Cerrina*

Mary Christenson*

Peggy Cole Darling*

Joan Dezember*

Jennifer Boylan Drake, in honor of Emily Serrano

Bonnie J. Fitzgerald*

Barbara Grimm-Marshall*

Grimmway Enterprises

Virginia Hamisch

Cindy Jones*

Wayne and Ginny Kirschenman*

Holly Lazzerini*

Dayna Leggio, in honor of Gianna and Juliet Leggio*

Lightspeed Systems

Mary Mazzei

Judi Tuttle McCarthy*

Louise McCarthy, in memory of Jan Tuttle*

Kay Meek*

Cheryl Miller*

Marjorie Nixon*

Cassie Schamblin*

In Memory of Nadene Steinert

Nancy Turnipseed

World of Women Giving Circle*

Women's and Girls' Fund Founders

Doreen Abrams

Carol S. Adamson

John C. Alexander D.D.S., in honor of my daughters

Corina Godfrey Anderson

Kari Anderson

Leigh Ann Anderson

Lisa Andrew

Maureen Andrew, in memory of Ann Abrams

Anonymous Donors (3)

In memory of Pam Armstrong

Jeanne C. Austin

Bakersfield Memorial Hospital Foundation

The BFF’s Giving Circle

Mary Barlow

Taylor Barnes

Bella at the Marketplace

Bettina M. Belter

Ann Beman

Sue Benham

Catherine E. Bennett*

Deborah H. Besenfelder

Lynda Boleschka in honor of Heather Boleschka

Donice Boylan

Charlotte Brandt, in honor of Tory L. Brandt

Linda Brenner

Beverly Burke, in honor of Mikie Hay

Dr. Javier Bustamante, in honor of Gaby Ibarra Bustamante

Natalie Bustamante

Beverly Byl

Jackie Bynum

Margaret Bynum

Marley Bynum-Sherry

Megan Bynum

Dwight and Nada Byrum, in memory of Maire Victor and Maire Byrum

CSUB Women Leaders

Jana Campbell

Pat Durando Campbell

Phyllis Fielding Campbell

Judith C. Caratan

Shelli Carlovsky

Nancy Carr

Suzanne Carver

Castle & Cooke

Sylvia Thomson Cattani*

Donna Chaffee

Chapter JT, PEO Sisterhood

Judith Chase, in memory of Margaret Chase Goode

Dona Penoli Chertok

Meg Clay

Kathleen Pascoe Clerou

Ira and Carole Cohen

Terri Collins

Joan W. Cox

Holly Culhane, in honor of Betty Webb

Noel Daniells, in memory of Rose Daniells

Margaret DeArmond

Davida Muscio Delis

Mary Button Demos

Peggy Dewane-Pope

Anna Dezember

Gordon and Joyce Downs

Jan Drew

Lynelle Echeverria

Katharine Edmonson

Maureen Farrell, Doncaster Clothing

Vicki Farrell

Ann Fisher

Teresa Ford, in honor of Brittney and Tristin McGlassen

Melissa Fortune in memory of Doris Paggi Fortune

Jenna Foster

Tom and Judy Franconi

Dr. Tom and Donna Frank

Edith Frick

Judy and Charles Fritch

Sheila Fry

GFWC California Federation of Women’s Clubs

Corrinne Garrison

Catherine Gay

Pamela Presley Giumarra*

Keri and John Gless

Pam Godfrey

Christine Goedhart-Humphrey

Gold Crest Construction

Tom and Diana Gordon in honor of Donna Murray

Angene Grigg

Fran Gunner

Becky, Jessica and Alexandra Hall

Harvey and Lavonne Hall

Susan B. Hamilton

Ann Hansen

Marianne Harmer, in honor of Bianca Ann Harmer

Bill and Carol Hatcher

Jane Haupt

Mikie Hay in honor of Bebe Burke

Arlene and Joel Heinrichs

Domonique Hensler

Susan Hersberger, in honor of Kate Hersberger Greenberg

Deborah Hess

Jane Hildebrand

Napier Hill, in honor of Marjorie Lindsey

Dolores and Bob Hoffman

Cheryl Holsonbake in honor of Bill & Donna Eslick

Judy Hyatt

Cynthia Icardo

Cliff and Gail Johnson, in memory of Johnnie Sisson

Diane Johnson

George and Karen Johnson, in memory of Lorraine Olson Johnson

Ken and Teri Jones

Trisha S. Jones

Joyce Junger

Kern County Fire Fighters, Local 1301

Kern Medical Society Alliance

Susan Killingsworth

Dave and Danielle Kilpatrick, in memory of Betty Lou Kilpatrick

Lisa King

Dianne Klein

Hilda Klein, in memory of Evelyn Reyneveld*

Ruth Klein

Lyndia Krausgrill

Jeanine Lambert, Doncaster Clothing

Dawn Land-Walker, in memory of Evelyn Land

Sherry Lanza

Susan K. Laverty

Tish Layous

Ione Lollar

Lesa Mackessy

Mary Madland/Madland Toyota

Rhonda Magness

Judith Malerich*

Lori Mariani

Tanya Mariani

Lynzi Massey

Paije Massey

Sandi Maul

Livio and Ronda Mazzei

Katie McCarthy

Diana Mestmaker

In memory of Barbara Meyer

JoAnn Meyer

Suzanne Meyer, in honor of Amanda Lee Meyer and Sarah Anne Cathey*

Tom and Mary Middleton

Martha Miller

Bitsy Ming, in honor of Priscella Moore                                    

Kim Mishkind

Ginger Moorhouse, in honor of Tracey and Ginny Cowenhoven

In memory of Leola Morgan

Mountain Mommas & Poppas

Beth and Joe Nahama

Dayna F. Nichols

In honor of Carroll Favero and in memory of Robert Favero

In honor of Stephanie, Heidi, Nikki and Stacie Nichols

Karen Northcutt

Nancy Oehler*

Allison Brandt Oliver

Diana Pascoe Othart

Pamela Ott

Haley Jones Ottaway

Stella Ottaway

Rodney and Cheryl Palla Family*

Sally Panero*

Mona Pankey

Paramount Farming Co.

Jeanette Richardson Parks, in honor of Betty Padgett

Laura Pascoe

Barbara Patrick*

Lois Pence

Cathy Perfect and Amber Siratt

Cindy Pinson

Kay Pitts*

Linda Pounds

Heli Powell, in memory of Meta Lipp

Judith Pratt

Darlene Rhoades

Jessica, Katie and Mary Richardson

Randy and Mary Richardson

In memory of Beth Rienzi

Danette Rinehart

Jeanette Rogers-Erickson

Monique Rogers-Poulton

Joy Rose, in honor of daughters Lisa Hafey and Leah Rose

Rotary Club of Bakersfield

“T” Royer-Cartwright, in honor of Mildred Stauffer-Thomas

In memory of Marjorie Rump

In memory of Doris Salter

Teresa Shambaugh, in memory of Dorothy Harrison

Mary K. Shell

Evalee Simmons

Bob and Barbara Smith

Pat Smith

South Fork Women’s Club

Southern California Edison, Kern County, Tehachapi, and Antelope Valley

Dr. Holly Spohn-Gross

Jennifer and Steve Starbuck, in honor of Betty Jones

Mike and Cathi Stier

Betty and Bob Stine

Nancy J. Stoller

Linda Sullenger

Gene Tackett, in memory of Wendy Wayne

Joan Thomas

Mindy Thomas

Elaine Thomson

Mary Lou Thomson

Pamela Tivnon

Today Cleaners

Alissa Turnipseed, in memory of Anna Turnipseed

Amy Turnipseed, in memory of Rose Antongiovanni

In memory of Arlene Tweedy

Phillis Van Boening


Engrid Wang

Supervisor Ray Watson

Lonie Wattenbarger

In memory of Wendy Wayne

Dolores Whitley, in memory of Dale Moulin

Dr. John and Debbie Wilson

Laura Lollar Wolfe*

Cheryl Woody

Linda Wright, in honor of all Girl Scouts

Jeanne Young

Betty Lee Younger

Kathleen Zaninovich

Women's and Girls' Fund Advocates

Patricia Alexander*

Vicki Bielli

Ann Bigler

Christine Boylan

Nancy Chaffin*

CSUB Women Leaders 2012

Deborah Creighton

Daughters of Persia*

Agnes DeJong*

Cherilee Ezell*

Angelo Haddad

Della Hodson

Susan Hopkins, in memory of Linda Parsons

Ice House Framing & Gallery

Tara Jamieson

Jacquelyn Jans*

Erica Leggio

Patricia Loyd, in memory of Byron and Eleanor Loyd

Cathy Lucas

Fiona Lytle

Don Martin/Metro Galleries

Cynthia Meek*

Donald and Cathy Palla

Carolyn Camp Pandol*

Lara Riccomini

Robin Mangarin Scott

Tuesdy Small

Kaylee Stier

Stevie Stier

Novena Weaver

Sasha Windes

Women’s Council of Realtors