Our Endowment

The Women's and Girls' Fund allows Kern County women to make a significant impact on their community through collective giving. One person alone might not have the financial ability to make a difference in her community. Through the Women's and Girls' Fund, one person's gift combines with many others. Together, we build an endowment and make a difference in the lives of Kern County women and girls. And our impact goes on, year after year.

Thanks to the generosity of over 100 women, we exceeded our first fund goal of $250,000 by June 2007. By February 2008, the Fund's endowment reached $385,000, yielding $20,000 for our inaugural grants cycle.

Today, our endowment exceeds $1,000,000 thanks to the successful (and early!) conclusion of our Building to a Million campaign. We thank our 500+ donors - including two who offered match challenges that were quickly met - for bringing us across the million-dollar threshold. Of course, the greatest gift of all: our larger endowment means more funds for annual grants supporting Kern County's women and girls.

Ready to get involved?

Get started and give online now. Donations may be made by personal or business check or by credit card (transaction fee applied). For more information please contact Laura Wolfe if you have any questions.