Jeffrey R. Pickering Elected Treasurer, League of California Community Foundations: Opportunity to Learn from Veteran Leaders, Showcase Innovations of an Emerging Enterprise
Nov 16, 2012

Jeffrey R. Pickering, President and CEO of Kern Community Foundation, has been elected Treasurer of the League of California Community Foundations (“League”).

The League consists of 24 member community foundations with total assets exceeding $7 billion.  Between 1990 and 2010, League members have awarded more than $800 million in grants, most of which has supported charitable organizations working to improve quality of life in communities across California.

“Jeff’s election as Treasurer of the League is a great opportunity for Kern Community Foundation to have a seat at the table with some of the largest, most respected philanthropic organizations in the country,” says Keith Brice, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  “It’s also a great opportunity for our peers to learn about some of the innovative programs and products that our Foundation is using to grow philanthropy in Kern County.”

One innovative program is the Foundation’s online Nonprofit Search; a 21st Century philanthropy tool designed to help donors find, learn about and give to local charitable organizations based in Kern County.  Launched in 2010, the Nonprofit Search showcases data and information from more than 100 Kern County charitable organizations and can be found at  The program is sponsored, in part, by charitable contributions from Bill and Nora Bolthouse, Aera Energy, LLC, The Bakersfield Californian Foundation, Lightspeed Systems, Rob and Judi McCarthy and Tejon Ranch Company.

The Foundation’s newest product is the Giving Card, a fun, easy way for donors to “give the gift of giving.”  Much like a retail gift card, donors can visit to purchase a Giving Card in denominations of $25, $50, $100 and $500 and receive an immediate tax deduction. The Giving Card can then be redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States, included places of worship. The Giving Card makes a great holiday gift, and customized corporate Giving Cards are available for companies to recognize customers and employees.

Kern Community Foundation is a vibrant nonprofit enterprise created by and for the people of Kern County. Its mission is powerfully simple – the Foundation is growing community and growing philanthropy. Kern Community Foundation is known as a home for Kern community philanthropists, a results-oriented grant maker and a trusted community leader. Since its establishment in 1999, the Foundation has grown to hold more than 100 charitable funds with assets of more than $15 million, and has awarded more than $8 million to improve Kern County’s quality of life.

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