Become a Scholarship Evaluator
Jan 19, 2016

Kern Community Foundation is currently holding its annual scholarship competition. This year we plan to distribute over $250,000 in scholarships to students from Kern County High Schools and anticipate receiving over 400 applications. Behind the scenes, this means we need community volunteers to read and evaluate applications.

We ask each evaluator to attend a short training session in February and commit to read and evaluate 6-10 scholarship applications. Each evaluator is given their own account on our online scholarship platform. You will log in and see your list of student applications along with a user friendly scoring rubric. The action of evaluating may not always be easy. Our students have some amazing stories to tell and big dreams to share. They will tug at your heart strings and make you wish for unlimited funding.

Your time reading student essays and letters of recommendation is invaluable to the awards process. Each student is evaluated by two community volunteers and their scores averaged and added to points given for GPA, financial need, and other factors evaluated by staff. You do not hold sole responsibility for a studentís award, but you do play an crucial part in seeing students' dreams of college and university come to reality.

In addition to receiving funding from the Foundation, each scholarship recipient receives support in academic and career planning, personal finance management lessons, and general support provided by caring Foundation staff. You can be a part of this amazing gift by joining us as an evaluator.


For more information, contact Alyse Braaten at 661.616.2605 or

Frequently Asked Questions

When will evaluations take place?

Applications are processed as soon as they are submitted, so you may have the ability to begin evaluating as early as March 1st. Each evaluator will have their assignments by March 10th and all evaluations must be completed by March 25th.

How much time do we have to complete our evaluations?

You will be given a minimum of two weeks to complete all your evaluations.

What is the time commitment?

It takes approximately 15 minutes to thoughtfully evaluate an application. We estimate two and a half to three hours of time over two weeks of evaluation, plus a one hour training in February.

Do we get to know if our students were selected?

Of course! Each evaluator will be sent the award list once itís finalized. Not only will we tell you which students were selected, but which scholarship the received and the amount.

I work at a high school or with a specific program, what happens if Iím assigned one of my students?

We hope that many current high school and college access program staff will be involved in the evaluation process. We will do our best to assign students to evaluators that have no direct connection with them. If you are assigned one of your students and do not feel  you can evaluate them without bias just let our staff know and we will swap them out with another student.

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