The Legacy Society

Kern Community Foundation’s Legacy Society permanently recognizes those who have a philanthropic wish to give back to their community. Members do so by arranging, in their will or trust document, for a charitable bequest to be made to the Foundation in an amount of $5,000 or more. By planning ahead, these visionary donors make life better for generations to come.

As beneficiary of your deferred gift, the Community Foundation is charged with the trust and responsibility of carrying out your wishes. We have a permanent commitment to recognize and address community needs and take advantage of high-impact opportunities. 

Legacy Society members will always be recognized as contributing members of this generation, leaving a record of generosity and support for the charitable causes of our community... for future generations to see and respect.

Getting started is easy

  • Inform your professional advisor that you plan to make a charitable provision in your will.

  • You or your advisor can inform the Foundation’s staff of this provision.

  • We help establish your personal legacy of giving—and invite you to join the ranks of other caring community members who belong to the Legacy Society.

If you’ve already included the Community Foundation in your will, we encourage you to let us know so that we may enter your name on the Legacy Society’s Scroll of Honor.

Legacy Society members share a dedication to Kern County—but every act of giving is personal and unique. Contact us to discuss your preferences.