The Women's and Girls' Fund

WE will transform the lives of women and girls in Kern County by mobilizing the power and passion of women working together. 

Women Educate to create awareness of women's and girls' needs unmet by current strategies. 

Women Endow a permanent fund whose annual yield supports programs benefitting women and girls throughout Kern County.

Women Empower one another and our girls to become philanthropists and advocates of positive social change.

The Women's and Girls' Fund is primarily a volunteer effort supported by Kern Community Foundation and guided by the leadership of the Vision Committee and Community Advisors. The assets of the Fund are professionally managed and invested by Kern Community Foundation, which also provides oversight of Fund grant decisions.

Give now, create lasting change

Donations of all sizes help sustain the Women's and Girls' Fund and transform the lives of women and girls in Kern County. Donors of $1,000 or more are Advocates, whom we invite to participate in our grantmaking work.

Ready to get involved?

Get started and give online now. Donations may be made by personal or business check or by credit card (transaction fee applied). For more information please contact Laura Wolfe if you have any questions.