Past Grantees

The following grantees were awarded through a competitive process by The Women’s and Girls’ Fund.


  • Kern River Valley Revitalization - $7,086: To inspire and promote bright futures for girls byproviding opportunities to learn sciences that develops competitiveness and self-sufficiency.
  • Bakersfield Police Activities League - $8,500: To guiding at-risk youth through quality educational and athletic after-school programs to healthy alternatives to drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence.
  • Kern Dance Alliance - $9,100: To improve the math proficiency, confidence, and interest in STEM careers in the girls and mentors.
  • Kern Literacy Council - $10,000: To teach mothers English, reading strategies, and specific books, with the dual goals of improving their skills and reading with their children.


  • Garden Pathways - $15,000: To expand the successful program "Transformative Job Skills Education," in partnership with Kern County Sheriff's office and WESTEC, to create a pathway to self-sufficiency for 50 at-risk women.
  • CSUB Foundation - $10,000: To support "WINGS," Women Influencing the Next Generation through Sports, a program to prepare women for the transition from successful collegiate athlete to the workforce.
  • Bakersfield Women's Business Conference - $10,000: To expand the capacity of "Realizing Options for Student Excellence (ROSE) Mentoring," a program where successful adult women mentor high school junior and senior girls.


  • Dress for Success Bakersfield - $7,000: To support a Career Center where clients can learn administrative skills, interview techniques, resume writing, and computer skills.
  • Youth 2 Leaders Education Foundation - $8,000: To provide seminars for emancipating foster girls, covering such topics at Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Chafee Grants, scholarships, and college application essays.
  • Kern Adult Literacy Council - $15,000: To offer small-group ESL classes to mothers from economically-disadvantaged communities around 11 BCSD campuses.


  • Community Action Partnership of Kern - $4,250: To support their program that seeks to increase high school graduation rates, promote college attendance, provide job skills training and work experience, and encourage professional development and careers over low-paying, low-skilled jobs.
  • Latina Leaders of Kern County - $6,250: Their Youth Leadership Program will draw 100 high school girls from across Kern County into a culturally-relevant project that strongly promotes college attendance and community engagement.
  • Mountain Communities Family Resource Center - $4,250: A Single Parent Program will be presented in Frazier Park, offering career-building skills, financial literacy, goal setting, and community involvement, while encouraging college attendance as appropriate.
  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - $10,000: To support teen mothers that will benefit from the “Bright Futures” project that provides intensive intervention to develop academic skills and improve participants’ outcomes for: high school graduation; reduced dropout rates; and advancement to post-secondary education and/or job training opportunities.


  • Bakersfield Police Activities League - $10,000: This program will be an intense academic and life-skills enrichment program designed to help 30 at-risk Latina girls aged 11-14 reach their respective grade levels of competence.
  • Covenant Community Services - $3,240: Funding will be used to underwrite the equipment (laptop and projector) and production for "Project LIFT"  training videos geared to former foster youth aged 18-24 in the areas of education and vocation.
  • Mercy Housing – 6,760: To provide seminar-style education programs designed to inspire 20 girls aged 12-16 from low and very low-income families in southeast Bakersfield. 


  • Garden Pathways - $5,000: to expand its capacity to recruit and train volunteers for both its Family to Family Mentoring program and its initiative with teens in local high schools.
  • Kern Economic Development Foundation - $10,000: The program pairs socio-economically disadvantaged students with professional women in energy-related businesses, encouraging students to pursue college educations, and exposing them to nontraditional career options in the energy sector.
  • Women’s Economic Ventures - $5,000: WEV will partner with the local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) serving the mountain communities to offer a proprietary Self Employment Training program which encourages microenterprise development.


  • Alliance Against Family Violence - $10,000: To provide education in personal safety and self-defense techniques for 600 women age 14 and older in rural Kern County.
  • Kern County Network for Children - $10,000: To underwrite the curriculum and instructional model of the Domestic Violence Advisory Council (DVAC), which guide a multi-disciplinary crisis response teams called to domestic violence death scenes.


  • Kern High School District Educational Foundation - $4,000: To support the mentoring of 20 African American students to complete their A-G course requirements, making them eligible for CSU and UC systems.
  • Kernville Union School District - $9,000: To support the mentoring of 20 junior high female students from single-parent families at risk of losing their children.
  • Garden Pathways, Inc. - $ 7,000: To support the recruitment of up to 50 new mentors, expanding their capacity to mentor at-risk youth and adults.


  • CSUB Foundation - $5,000: To provide funding of the Early Start Summer Math Program.
  • Girl Scouts – Joshua Tree Council - $6,500: To provide funding for the On My Own Project
  • The Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic - $8,500: To provide funding of the Afterschool Mentoring Pilot Program