Corporate Giving Services

Partnering with Kern Community Foundation for your corporate giving program can provide your company a more focused, results-driven approach and save you money. These greater efficiencies will make the most of its community support.

Corporate Benefits

A corporate giving program impacts a company’s bottom line and its presence in the marketplace. Simply put, companies that give back are companies that move forward. 

Products & Services

Corporate Foundation

Establishing a corporate foundation through a fund at Kern Community Foundation allows you to maximize the tax and budget aspects of your company’s philanthropy, organize corporate giving under one structure and increase your visibility in the community.

Customized Giving Cards

A Giving Card is similar to a retail gift card but instead it is redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity. A company can purchase customized Giving Cards displaying the company’s logo on the front of the cards and give the Giving Cards to employees, clients or referral sources for any occasion. The entire Giving Card purchase price is tax deductible.

Corporate Giving Inventory

Completing a corporate giving inventory is a major step forward for any company that is launching or re-energizing its commitment to social responsibility. In just a few short interviews, our team can gather all of the information it needs to prepare a comprehensive inventory that addresses all areas of your company’s corporate giving and community activities. The inventory service embraces a business bottom-line measurement system and a simple method for evaluating annual giving.

Starting a corporate giving program or enhancing your current giving program is easier and more affordable than you think. We can help. There’s a better way to give and it starts by contacting Kern Community Foundation today. 

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